Monday, October 14, 2013

Aims Of The Acid Rain Project

1. Internalization's of concepts in the acid rain project takes place through application, since meaningful learning is applied learning.

2. The scientific method is not learnt in isolation, but throughout science courses. Planing an experiment as well as data collection and representation should be carried out according to objective criteria. These experimental procedures have importance beyond the confines of scientific disciplines, and can be applied in everyday life.

3. This is an interdisciplinary project dealing with chemistry, biology, environmental science and agriculture. It requires a system approach to examine all aspects of the social problem and questions raised by scientific inquiries with their technological solutions.

4. This project foster computer literacy among students in that they work in a computerized environment that enables them to attain their goals. The project requires the use of different computer applications especially use of data bases both by teachers and students. In today's world the ability to access different kinds of information and to make use of data bases should be a goal for everyone.

5. In this project the computer holds a central position in that it performs various functions: an aid for recording, organizing and graphically representing data; as a communication means so that different groups in different localities, despite distance between them, can participate in the experiment at the same time. Another facet is that participants not in the same location can hold a discussion, and receive advice from each other or experts.

6. The computer acts as a spring /board in promoting the learning process taking place in the classroom as it is an integral part of these project, in that pupils can communicate on-line produce graphic representations, analyze processes and receive advice from experts and their peers. Computer capabilities will supply most of the students' needs.

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