Monday, October 28, 2013

Acid Rain and Smog

Acid rain and smog can have a wide-range of effects not only on the natural environment, but also on human health, including heart and lung problems.

According to Environment Canada, Canadian emissions causing acid rain have been cut  and emissions causing smog have been cut by one-third.Sulphur oxide (SOx) emissions have gone down 54 per cent, mainly due to reductions from base metal smelters and fossil fuel-fired electricity generating utilities.

Particulate matter emissions, which have been linked to respiratory and cardiac illness, have been reduced by 34 per cent.Nitrogen oxides emissions have also been reduced by one-third in the southern and central Ontario and southern Quebec region.The U.S. has seen similarly positive results since the agreement was signed.  U.S. sulphur dioxide emissions have been reduced by 67 per cent, and its power plant emissions of nitrogen oxides have decreased by over two-thirds.

Since the addition of the Ozone Annex to the agreement , Canada has been able to reduce nitrogen oxides emissions by a third in the southern and central Ontario and southern Quebec transboundary region defined under the agreement. "These reductions have contributed to significant improvements in air quality on both sides of the border," said Environment Canada in a statement.It added that "Canada is looking forward to continuing its bilateral cooperation with the U.S., and to resolving the environmental challenges that face our countries."

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