Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sulphuric Acid Rain

The technology and industries are so much developing that there is least botheration about the atmosphere. Acid rain is one such thing caused by result of air pollution. Acid rain in general, brings down all the sulphur and nitrogen compounds present in the atmosphere. It is a problem present all over the world.A pH scale could be used to measure acid rain. Acidity increases with decrease in pH value.


The industries that generally emits smoke and fumes have high sulphur content in it. This reacts with the oxygen in the air and produces sulphur dioxide (SO2). The clouds already have O2  and H2O in it. When all the substance react chemically, sulphuric acid is formed.

The simple formula is
SO2 + O2 + H2 O = H2SO4

The above said reactions may take a long time to complete. Hence it is not necessary for the acid rain to occur only from the source of pollution area. The wind may carry away the clouds and so the acid rain may occur even hundred kilometers from polluted area.

Acid rain just doesn’t affect the life of a human being. It even destroys forests and buildings and rivers. Below is the list of effects caused due to acid rain.
  • The acid rain reduces the productivity of agricultural crops by releasing aluminum after reacting with the soil, which is a very harmful substance.
  • It damages and destroys the leaves that make the trees unable to perform photosynthesize.
  • It also pollutes the water thus making the aquatic animals difficult to survive.
  • Every building erodes by times. But acid rain is so bad that it makes the erosion process happen faster.
  • They also release harmful ions into the water.
  • They degrade many rich contents like magnesium and calcium from the soil.
  • If the acidity level is high, then they can harm humans by creating a burning sensation in the body.

Nothing is too late when started by now. The following steps could be adhered to minimize the formation of acid rain.
  • It is better to cycle or walk to reach nearby place rather than driving a car. Public transports could also be used for the same.
  • The various steps to control pollution should be identified and the same should be implemented.
  • Switching to use of renewable energy like wind and water is also an excellent step to be taken.
  • People should stop burning rubbish things as it might lead to harmful substances in air.
  • The resource used should be less and only when needed.
  • It is also good to plant trees as they might absorb some polluted air and give out fresh oxygen.
  • In order to restore the damage done by acid rain, limestone can be mixed in water to neutralize it.
On the final note, apart from following the above points, one should also make it necessary to educate other people so that we can live a healthy life.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Acid rain is formed mainly because of burning of fossil fuel. When fossil fuel is burned large amount of air pollution is being formed that in turn create air pollution. The air pollution contains sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrous oxides (NOx).In other words acid rain is caused mainly due to the chemical reaction that take place when sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxide released in to the atmosphere. The acid rain formation is primarily called as acid deposition.

The component of acid deposition is sulphuric acid and nitric acid. Sulphuric acid is formed by the reaction that takes place between sulphur dioxides and water, oxygen and other chemicals in the air. Nitric acid is formed by the reaction that takes place between nitrous oxides (NOx) and water, oxygen and other chemicals in the air.

Burning of coal, oil, natural gas, wood is generally called fossil fuel which is the main reason behind formation of acid rain. The reason does not only stop with the list of chemical it includes human activities too. Humans are also one of the main reasons behind the formation of acid rain. They release so many pollution knowingly and unknowingly.In simple terms acid rain is formed because of pollution.

Out of hundred percentage of the acid rain formation, 70% is caused mainly because of sulphur dioxide. The electrical utility plant is the main source of sulphur dioxide. Rest thirty percentage is because of the exhaust that comes out of cars, buses, trucks etc. 

The reaction that takes place in air takes time, it can be for hours, it can be for days, and during the reaction the polluted air will be covering miles and kilometers. The acid rain when it falls it not only destroys the environment but also the life of a human being, plants, animals and also destroys the organisms in lakes and ponds. If acid rain destroys forest it ultimately affects the humans. If forest is being affected, humans may not get fresh air in the long run, water and even the atmosphere gets damaged as well.

 The emission that comes out of automobile causes 30% of the acid rain formation. This emission can be controlled by humans. Instead of taking cars, two wheeler, to drive to a particular place, one can take up a cycle or else can go walking. Which is healthy for oneself and as well as for the environment.

The main reason for the sulphuric acid formation is due to the in proper usage of electricity.
The other way to reduce is to use electricity properly. Seventy percentage of acid rain formation is due to sulphur dioxide formation. The electricity usage if properly used the formation of acid rain can be prevented to a certain extend. Switching off light, turning off  TV when not in use, putting computer in off mode instead of sleep mode, reducing air conditioning and heat usage are some of the prevention technique from the formation of acid rain.