Saturday, January 14, 2012

Acid Rain - Its Causes And Effects

As we all know, acid rain have harmful effects on vegetation, animals and humans. Acid rain is caused by too much pollution that contaminates the rain water. Before, rain is believed to be pure and said to contain minerals that are good for the hair and skin, but now, rain water can already cause diseases. This article will give you information on what is acid rain and what are its effects in the environment.

Too much nitrogen oxide, carbon, and ammonium can mix with water droplets in the atmosphere causing the water's pH level to go below 7 making it acidic. This is the cause of acid rain. Acidic water can be harmful to all living things on the ground.

One of the things that can suffer the harsh effect of acid rain is the vegetation. Microscopic organisms that are important for biochemical processes that aids in the food production of the plants can die due to acid rain, thus, affecting the food making process of the plants and can cause them to die. Acid rain can also affect the reproduction and growth of plants. It can also take off the waxy covering of plants causing them to be more vulnerable to diseases.

Animals can also fall victims of acid rain. It can make harmful elements like mercury to leak to the ground and be washed down the rivers, lakes and seas. This can affect the marine life. Not only that fishes and other aquatic animals will die but humans can also get affected by eating fish with high harmful element deposits in its stomach.

Human beings can also be affected with acid rain. Contact with the acidic water of the rain can cause skin irritation, blisters and can even burn the skin if there is so much acid in the water. Acid rain can even cause skin cancer according to some doctors. Humans are also affected by acid rain when they were able to consume plants and animals containing harmful chemicals.

Now that you are already aware of thee already aware of the causes of acid rain and the harmful effects it can bring, it is best to help prevent acid rain from happening by doing our role in protecting our mother nature.

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