Saturday, January 14, 2012

Acid Rain Pollution

Acid rain has been a preoccupation since 1966 in the scientific community. Scientists finally could describe and explain the phenomenon. Acid rain was not a random problem anymore. More surprising was evidence that man himself was causing this menace to nature. The focus was now on trying to stop it. Acid rain is a worldwide problem. Countries with higher pollution emission are more affected. We only recently realized the great danger of acid rain. Its effects on nature are more and more obvious.

Acid rain has generated a very slow response in the beginning. Nowadays, as people realize the devastating effects of acid rain on animals and plants, their reaction is one of concern. By showing evidence of animals that died from a direct result of acid rain, scientists started getting some attention. The first reaction from the general public was to blame the big manufacturers for acid rain. We now know that a lot of our daily gestures are contributing factors to acid rain.

Manufacturers, after being pressured by governments in place, started complying to rules and regulations designed to reduce acid rain. This way, they focused on reducing their sulfur emissions, a major cause of acid rain. They also accepted to install filters to reduce the liberation of polluting gases in the atmosphere. These gases are forced to penetrate a tube full of lime and water. The interaction of the sulfur gas with the lime results in calcium sulfate being produced. Industries are then faced with a second problem: how do they get rid of the calcium sulfate that is created? This solution is only one being studied and has proven to be time consuming and rather expensive.

We are experiencing a rapid increase in the level of acid rain and major changes need to be undertaken right away. The rise in the level of acid rain in some areas can be as much as 70% above normal levels. These higher levels of acid rain have proven to be very harmful to the environment. Man, is too, affected by the increased level of acid rain and the rate of respiratory problems is concerning in areas where acid rain is predominant. In nature, forests, trees, lakes, animals, and plants also suffer greatly from the ravage of acid rain.

Winds have the power to carry sulfur dioxide miles away thus spreading the areas where acid rain causes problems. Since man cannot control wind, the only viable solution is to lower the emission of such pollutants as sulfur dioxide.

Acid rain is a serious threat to man and his environment and only a constant and serious effort will prove successful. Many rules and regulations have been passed in that direction. It is everyone's responsibility to make sure they are respected.

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