Friday, December 9, 2011

What is Acid reflux? How to avoid it?

What is Acid reflux?

As we know there are plenty of stomach problems, some are very severe and some can be easily treated at home. Acid reflux is one of the severe ones and we can all it as a product of acidity in the stomach.

So what exactly is acid reflux? It is a condition where the acids in the stomach flow back to esophagus causing a feeling of burning. The patient is in a very uncomfortable situation as this type of acidity hurts very badly. Esophagus is the food pipe; it’s a channel of connecting mouth to the stomach. Our stomach secretes acids in order to digest food. When these acids are secreted more than what is required, acidity occurs. Some acids move back to the esophagus. The inner part of esophagus is not very well protected as the stomach. So the acids hurt the inner lining of the food pipe causing severe pain. It is a very bad form of acidity and amongst the worst stomach problems.

Acid reflux can be avoided if proper care is taken. Like most of the stomach problems, acid reflux can also be treated by your own self at home if it is at initial stage. But too many experiments are always dangerous as acidity cannot be taken lightly. This is a very bad news for the fat people that acid reflux mostly targets overweight people at the age close to 40 years. Many stomach problems are caused due to bad eating habits. It doesn’t mean eating more but it occurs by not having a proper diet plan.

A well balanced diet plan can help you to avoid acidity, acid reflux and many of the stomach problems. What you can do is instead of having a huge meal at one time, you can break it out into smaller ones after regular intervals. This will help to digest food properly and utilize the energy for work. Also don’t go for sleep just after you had a meal. Improper digestion is the root cause of stomach problems including acidity and acid reflux.

Acid reflux can also be avoided if you drink plenty of water and do regular exercise. An active routine keeps the body organs busy and make them work in the right direction. Research has proven that 6 to 8 hours of daily sleep also keeps the threat of acid reflux and acidity away from you along with several other stomach problems.

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