Friday, December 11, 2009

What are the Causes of Acid Rain?

Nitrogen oxides, or NOx and sulfur dioxide, or SO2, two main sources of acid rain. Sulfur dioxide, a monochrome gas that is emitted as a by burning of fossil fuels containing sulfur-containing products are burned. Various industrial processes of the gas, by such crude oil, utility plants and iron and steel plants are produced as a resource. Natural resources, environment and disaster results in sulfur dioxide as plants, plankton, sea spray, rotting continues, and volcanoes, which is about 10% of all emissions of sulfur dioxide can. Full on, industrial ignition emissions of sulfur dioxide for 69.4% of environment and vehicle traffic is conscientious for approximately 3.7%.

Other chemical nitric oxide, acid rain, which is included. A compound, nitrogen and oxygen atoms in each level is known as nitrogen oxides. For example, nitrogen dioxide and nitric oxide. Extremely high temperature firings to integrate these gases are in the process, for example, utility plants and automobile production, and chemical industries, such as construction of fertilizers. Five percent nitrogen by natural processes such as electricity emit oxides, volcanic eruptions, forest fires, and the effect of soil bacteria. Industrial emissions are 32% and 43% is responsible for vehicle transport process.

Nitrogen oxides, which is a noxious gas attack on covering per cent of them damaged by the respiratory system, thus the possibility of respiratory diseases is increasing. This atmospheric ozone layer and cause smog is a factor for damage. If acid rain is nitrogen oxide from the rain can be the original location.

What are the effects of acid rain?

Acid rain effects on plants: acid soil and poison plants and trees, such aluminum, which are absorbed by roots in the soil as rain dissolved toxic substance seeps. Acid rain also is beneficial natural resources and nutrients in the soil, the plants and trees have been washed first one to work with them have a chance to grow.

If this acid rain often, it leaves a waxy caring coating is broken. If this protective layer is lost on leaves, a plant disease is likely to lead it. If leaf damage, a sufficient amount of food your plant's capability to continue production loses is not healthy. Once weakened, Plant cold weather, insects and diseases that may cause his death is likely.

Acid rain effects on aquatic life: besides work, acid rains also negatively affect aquatic organisms. High amounts of nutrients in a Sulfuric Acid capacity of fish, take salt and oxygen affects. As far as freshwater fish is concerned, so that they survive in the tissues ability to maintain a balance between mineral and salt is needed. Acid molecules of mucus to form in their gill, which prevents them enough oxygen. In addition, acid pH, which is an imbalance of salt in fish tissue, will be less.

In addition, pH changes in the fish's ability to do keep your calcium levels affect. Affects the reproductive capacity of the fish, because eggs are too fragile or brittle. Calcium deficiency also leads to weak bones and warped spines.

Effects of acid rain on man - made object that harm natural ecosystems, acid rain damage to man made structure and content addition. For example, acid rain, sandstone, limestone and marble are. It corrodes and ceramics, textiles, dyes and metals. Rubber and leather, when in contact with acid rain bad. Monuments and stone carvings, if their properties are in contact with acid rain start to lose.

Acid rain effects on people: acid rain, particularly negative affect human health. Informed of our atmosphere and the ability to hurt the soil, where we eat, has become. Acid rain, chemical compounds, toxic metals from which they naturally are different. While toxic metals can be perilous but in combination with other elements as they exist, until then they are not harmful. After acid rain causes the poisoned metal release, drinking water and animals and plants they can infiltrate into the source of food as a human. Polluted food in children or serious brain damage or nerve damage can result in death. Scientists suspect that aluminum, a toxic metal is affected by acid rain, is associated with Alzheimer's disease.

Another harmful effect of acid rain on humans because of respiratory disease.
Nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide emissions that ear, nose and eye frustration headaches, asthma and respiratory diseases as a cause of cough. Acid rain, people who suffer from asthma or breathing difficulty is particularly harmful for. Are damaged, in fact, even in healthy people, lungs from air pollutants in acidity.

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