Friday, December 11, 2009

Solutions For Acid Rain

People have heard about the largest acid rain, largely from coal as a threat with the wind in the forest discussed fired power plants. Most acid rain, sulfur dioxide (SO2), coal, oil or gas that is a byproduct of sulfur caused tinged with. Because sulfur is a common stimulating factor, these fossil fuels is almost impossible to find that the sulfur deposits are not included. When sulfur dioxide is emitted as these fuels are burned, it enters the atmosphere and reacts with water. The reaction results of sulfuric acid (H2SO4), he gives the name of that acid rain.

Not a recent problem

The biggest part of the country shifted to low sulfur burning fossil fuels such as low sulfur coal. Since acid rain has not been in the news recently, this open threat to eclipse that has passed by and is in fact 90 of 1980 and has made a significant impact on the problem can put in place in the events . From fossil fuel power plants to pass the exam with the wind as the rain is still acidic.

As one can see, there's a significant rainfall acidity, particularly in the Great Lakes region was celebrating primary years. He said, "The pH" clean, natural rainfall is about 5.6, 3.0 as an indication of vinegar around the stands. Given that the region still quite acidic rain and able to cause significant ecological issues.

Effect of sulfur dioxide

It has reacted in past environments, sulfur dioxide as acid rain falls on the earth. Acid rain one seems the most obvious impact is that we can see. Normal suitable plant life - rain is pH and acid rain in areas not well managed will die. Europe's forests have been devastated by acid rain. Figure 3 is a region in Germany's Black Forest where significant tree - dead - from acid rain had stopped.

Effect can be seen that when more is not important. When acid rain, lakes, rivers and river water pH changes. Lakes have supported life once they fall of the array can not acidified. Crayfish, freshwater, and before departure as clams and muscles of these animals are removed from the food chain, as others begin to die well. Lakes Prone to die in less affluent areas of limestone, the limestone as dislikes acid may defuse, not to where the granite is the natural buffer and thus show the crisis is already common in lakes.

In addition, as populations are aquatic animals that rely on wetlands for food and defense budget are also affected. Fish and other areas Frogs, snails and other sea birds and land mammals living in the food people travel from one generation off to die next.

We already solved? What's more is that possible?

1980 and one in 90 working solution was made for high stack or chimneys. This effectively put into the atmosphere and acid rain and sulfur greater gone with the wind. It is clear that the only problem quickly grew - were never solved. In fact in 1988, Britain's Prince Charles said the belief: "Our responsibility in exporting our problems do not lie
Abroad. "

So although this story of silence need not concluding. There new technologies that are employed in power plants across the mortal world. One such technique is flue gas desulphurization or FSD, essentially removing sulfur dioxide from burning gases as they grow flue chimney. Planned to meet three main ways FSD wet-scrubbing, dry scrubbing, and injections. The two most used in wet and dry scrubbing methods, marble or lime solution as gases rise through a chimney is spraying. The lime reacts with SO2 and result 'compounds' below Chimney's rain should be collected on.

There emerging technologies that can cross the efficacy of lime scrubbing. Power plants in China and Poland Chendu new technique in Pomorzany power plant flue gases with electrons and then ammonia is open to destruction is established. Leave feedback for this little United Nations said that the fire escape and SO2 addition, he will have a similar response shows .Nitrous oxide (NOx) reduction. Though still in early stages of testing, it is expected that a contingent offer the world's problem is that Europe and North America such as acid rain, plagued, as these emerging economies expand and development can be avoided can lead the clean energy plants is the 21st century.

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