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Acid rain's effect on plants and wildlife

Acid rain effects on plants and animals

Almost everyone has heard about acid rain and knows that it's a bad thing. But what actually is? What is its effect on plants, animals, people, what else can this problem be solved?

Term "acid rain does not give true nature of the problem because scientists term" acid rain use. Because this acid, is formed as a withdrawal can cause pollution of the earth, not just as a solid or a gas and is in the rainy season based on rain, fog or snow as low can come. And the wet form 'is known as acid rain. "


Some major industries, as well as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide air emissions from vehicles has increased. Changes in emissions Sulfates and nitrates
Under the influence of heat and humidity, and sulfuric and nitric acid, the acid rain will come down as a convert.

Generally, 2 to 3% between coal is sulfur, and when it is burned, the sulfur release into the atmosphere. Power companies and other industries, high sulfur dioxide emission coal burned. Other industries that process copper, zinc and nickel ore with respect to sulfides in the sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere will increase.

Nitrogen oxide air emissions, vehicles and other places where fossil fuels are burned are the main source. Forest fires, often caused by people intentionally or unintentionally, is a source of pollution.

Naturally, these volcanoes, electricity, or biological decay in the incident, also leads to an increase in air pollutants, but not much can be done about these reasons. However, 90% in emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions by about 95% atmospheric man - making source.

Acid rain problem is not new. It was the first time in 17 did. Century, when people saw the impact of industrialization on plants and animals. Already in the 1872 Scottish chemist, Robert Angus Smith, one book, "Air and Rain: the beginning of chemical climatology is written," in which the word "acid rain" and the name has remained. Problem in the 1960s when fishermen in the amount of fish in lakes of North America and Europe since seen rapid decline has not changed.

Acid rain did not ruin where he is a local issue. Atmospheric emissions and long-distance travel for many days can on air and again before the season as acid rain. Problem in an industrial area, the surrounding forests and lakes, or further away can lead to acid rain. It is estimated that acid rain, which is already in Canada, the United States due to pollution in the United States could generate nearly 50%, in Norway and in England felt the impact of pollutants industries.

If any pollution was still angry, was rain. Natural rainfall is about pH of 6.0. This is due to the effect of carbon dioxide in the air combines with water as carbonic acid. The effect of low, because it is in the soil such as limestone is neutralized by alkaline material. However, other emissions, the fact that the rain water pH 5.5 and at this level may fall below the acid rain are going to have considered. Now the rain acidity of soil can not neutralize. In some places, acidification is so serious that the pH drops to about 4.0. In rare cases, with pH of about 2 has been reported from acid rain - 2.5.

The impact of acid rain on plants.

Both natural vegetation and crops affected by acid rain. The roots of acid rain, the plants, or are damaged by blocking the development of death. Soil nutrients, are destroyed by acid. Useful microbes, nutrients from organic matter battered, killed in the ground, so less nutrients are available to plants. Acid rain damages plants makes plant leaves and the waxy layer on the possibility of diseases falls. The cumulative effect means that even if such strong winds and heavy rains plant or as a short dry season leaves him alive, to be very weak and climate conditions. Plant germination and publicity is also hampered by the effects of acid rain.

Acid rain effects on aquatic life

The impact of acid rain, mercury and aluminum from soil and rocks are washed out due to such harmful elements, and aquatic life in lakes may be affected will be. Warning signs were posted in many lakes, fish that were eating about the dangers of mercury poisoning in the call. A natural ability to neutralize the acidity of rain water as the Earth, within a specified period, as well as lakes and the sea is to some extent nullify the effect of acid rain. However, since increasing acid, natural systems are no longer able to cope. When they set the water is acidic pH. PH value of 5.5 obtained, plankton, insects since, and seem to die from certain cancers. PH of about 5.0 in the fish stock to start dying. When pH is below 5.0 all the fish died, and the lake bottom is covered with excavated material. Every year during the spring snow melt, the frozen lakes of acid there is a sudden increase in acidity is suddenly deposited in them. The "acid shock" aquatic life, or results in death of puppy breeding stops.

Impact on animals and birds.

All living organisms are interdependent. When one lives, depend on other species that has killed them, he will not be affected. One animal in the food chain will not be affected. Animals and birds such waterfowl or beavers, for which food sources or habitat are dependent on water, and start to die. Suffering due to the effects of acid rain, food for animals and plants depend on their start. Birds and other animals due to loss of habitats, also started rotting Tree Flat.

Impact on people

Food supply for mankind depends on plants and animals. Acid rain, all the fish in some lakes have been eliminated. Fish and other aquatic organisms living among them on the people's livelihood are suffering. Consumption of fish that are contaminated with mercury can cause serious health problems. Plants and animals as food sources in addition to damages, the food is acid rain, the water we drink, the air we breathe together. Because these are affected directly asthmatics and children. Municipal water supply treated as a rule, the effects of acid rain and thus less city dwellers can not, is ineffective suffer from directly acidified drinking water. But in rural areas, the lakes, rivers and wells will affect their health depends on acid rain. Lead and copper in acidic water harmful elements such as water leached through the pipes is in progress. Aluminum, which easily compared to Alzheimer's disease as acid rain, the rain has become pure. Treatment of urban water supply can not remove elements such as aluminum, and is a serious problem in many cities.

Other effects

All organisms, whether plants or animals, whether living on land or water or trees, either directly or indirectly affected by acid rain. Even the buildings, bridges and other structures are affected. Buildings and vehicles in cities rushed to open the color paint is fading effects due to acid rain. Taj Mahal in India, the Washington Monument across the world of big buildings acid rain, war, fracture damage, and discoloration of structures. In Europe, such as in Greece Acropolis and Italian Renaissance architecture, had to face and see many churches and cathedrals loss. Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico destroyed, and in places in South America, ancient Mayan pyramids are acid rain. Ancient murals and inscriptions at the temple, centuries before the war now left for stronger signals. Besides, books, manuscripts, paintings and sculptures are in museums and libraries, as influenced by air ventilation system can eliminate acid particles are circulating in the building is not. In some parts of Poland the necessary facilities to run slowly, as the title can be attributed heavily damaged by acid rain has eroded.


The bottom line is that everything on earth are affected by this issue and the good news is that something is being solved it. Environmental pressure groups
Destruction due to acid rain and public impact of strong increases. Governments around the world is ready to tackle this problem is planned.

Lakes, which are highly acidic lime such as large quantities of alkaline substances can clear in a process called liming treatment. Worked in many places, however, it was not possible where a big lake, so the process is not economically viable, or other lakes where the silence rate is too large sea water, the lake again is acidifies.

Prevention is the best solution seems. To this end, environmental regulations limit the amount of emissions released into the atmosphere has been adopted. Various industries have scrubbers threw their chimneys, less than the amount of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere. Specially designed to ensure that the catalyst that harmful gases from car tailpipes are providing are used. Some industries have used coal as fuel use and to wash the sulfur thus reducing the amount of the volume of emissions from coal have started earlier. Coal with low sulfur content also use reduces the problem.

We as human impact of this problem, several steps can be taken away. Use of vehicles in the amount of emission reduction because of our vehicles are few. When it is absolutely necessary if you do not use the car. At a distance, walking or using bicycles to get to try. It not only protect the environment but your health will improve. If the distance is larger, try using public transport. If you use your car to someone else with a carpool and share Try to form your vehicle. Make sure your car properly view and equipped with catalytic converters to lower emissions.

Reduce electricity use. Lights and other electrical appliances when not needed to stop. Deputy on TV, VCR, microwave oven or on a music system if needed. She changed her.

To reduce electricity consumption, the amount of coal burned at power generation and thus reducing the amount of pollution. This is true even if your current company does not use coal for power generation, but some other, environmentally friendly way. This is because power is saved you can now be used elsewhere and thus also of nature.

The problem with other people talk about. Increasing awareness in a way to ensure things are solutions to this global problem. Find out what fuels for power generation is determined by your electricity company. If the coal, the use those methods to eliminate the problem of sulfur emissions is not asking. Coal washing, or to use coal with low sulfur content is being used and so expensive for some companies try to avoid them. If you have a utility that shows concern over environmental and Switch option.

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