Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Toxic Chemicals in the Environment

In the last century humans have introduced hundreds of chemical substances into the environment. Wastes from industrial and agricultural process have entered our systems threw the food we consume and the conveniences we enjoy. Not all chemicals produced are bad but for some the long-term environmental impact far out ways the benefit humans have derived from them. Industrial and motor vehicle emissions cause acid rain which poisons fish and other aquatic organisms and affects the ability of soil to produce plants.

CFC's cause depletion of ozone which exposes humans and other life to the harmful effect of uv rays. Mass extinction of life caused by the introduction of these harmful chemicals will affect every ecosystem in the world. The result could be our own demise in the end. At the minimum we could lose plants that could have beneficial health properties that have yet to be discovered. wouldn't it be a tragedy to learn the cure for cancer only to discover the source of the cure was destroyed by pollution a few years earlier?

Chemicals like Dioxins are a class of super toxic chemical formed as a by product of the manufacture, molding, and burning of organic chemicals and plastics that contain chlorine. They are the most toxic man made chemicals known. These super toxins cause health effects in doses as small as a few parts per trillion. Dioxins became known during the Vietnam war when Soldiers were exposed to the chemical defoliant Agent Orange.

Dioxins enter the body threw the food chain and accumulate in body fat. They then interfere with genetics and cause a range of problems from immune disorders to cancer.

So what can you do?

1. Make your own cleaning products there are several reference sources on the web. 
2. avoid using any chemicals with the prefix chloro- in it. 
3. To avoid dioxins from entering your body, wash all vegetables prior to eating them. Avoid full fat dairy and meats.

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