Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Let's Discuss Some Facts About Acid Rain

According to scientists acid rain refers to acid deposition. It is usually caused by highly acidic pollutants and was first discovered in 1852. It is the most complicated environmental problem which can not be seen. The invisible and destructive gages, that are the cause of this rain, usually come from the automobiles, coal-burning power plants and factories.

Natural Causes: Human activities are considered great contributor to Acid Rain. However, there are some other factors such as, volcanoes, smoke having water vapor, carbon dioxide, sulfur and nitrogen.

Some Other Contributors:

Pollution is the main cause of acid rain. The pollutants which release into the air cause this environmental issue. These pollutants are: 
Carbon dioxide: that release by burning coals, natural gases and oil etc. 
Carbon monoxide: that release by burning woods, oil and gasoline. 
Hazardous air pollutants: release into the air by the different sources such as chemical plants, dry cleaners and motor vehicles like cars, buses, motor bikes, trucks. 
Lead: release by car and house paints and other manufacturing like, batteries, water pipes, ceramic wares etc. 
Ozone: release by industries, motor vehicles, burning coals, fossil fuels, gasoline. 
Particulate Matter: are the little particles of pollution, that release by motor cars, trucks, buses that are burning diesel fuel, road constructions, steel making, wood stoves etc.

There are many other pollutants and most pollutants are from automobiles. Automobiles generate harmful smoke which is also the main cause of this rain.


There are many harmful effects of this rain on the people and the natural world. The effects are on: 
Sea life: acidic rain is damaging the lives in the water. All of the sea life dies when the water gets too much polluted and acidic. 
Forests: trees are also damaging by this environmental issue. Acidic rain and fog are caused to damage the forests by spoiling and damaging the surface of the leaves. It also harms the soil. 
Air and health: acid rain affects the air, lives and health. It causes many health problems. Breathing problems, lungs problem and asthma in children and adults. 
Non-living Things: acid rain also damages the non living things lie, buildings, building materials, and paints.

According to scientists acid rain is destructive and long lasting problem. The main cause of acid rain is pollution. So, first and foremost need is to stop the pollution and to make some remedies. 
Try to overcome the causes of pollution 
Reduce the use of cars and other vehicles 
Do not use the air conditioners as much 
Turn off the heat and reduce burning fire as often.

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