Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Acid rain's effect on plants and wildlife

Acid rain is one kind of environmental pollution. The sources of acid rain can be man made like emissions from automobile and electric power and other industries using coal. Acid rain can occur also due to the eruption of volcanic ashes in the volcanic mountains. Sulfur is being released in the atmosphere which pollutes the environment. During rainy season, it comes down as the rain.Nitrogen oxide air emissions and other activities where fossil fuels are being burned are also the source for acid rain.

It's time to explore the impact of acid rain on plant and wild life. The lakes and forests surrounding the industrial area feel the impact of acid rain. When the lakes are polluted, marine lives in the lakes are affected . Acid rain affects ocean and sea.

Acid rain's effect on plants is an ongoing problem. Natural vegetation flourishes with the best soil . When the quality of soil is affected by the increased acidity,the plants die naturally. The roots of the plants are weakened or destroyed . Soil nutrients and useful microbes are robbed by the acid in the rain. The plants have less nutrients for healthy growth. The plants become vulnerable to diseases.

The effect of acid rain on wild life cannot be ignored. Wild life depends on lakes and forests , ocean and sea for millenniums. Many animals depend on water in the lakes . When the lakes are polluted due to acid rain, their quality of lives will be altered forever. When the acidity level increases beyond normal level it affects the insects, fishes and the aquatic plants. When the aquatic plants die, the fishes which depend on these food source perish. Some fishes have lot of mercury deposit in their diet.

Migratory bird and wild animals depend on the water in the lakes, sea and ocean during their migratory voyages. Increased acidity affects the water quality.The poor water quality affects the species of migratory birds and animal. Nature's ability to clear the acid in the rain is possible only up to the normal acidity level. Some species of migratory birds, wildlife who have their sanctuaries in the lakes, sea and ocean may vanish due the increased pollution and acidity in water.

The quality of human lives are also affected by acid rain. Different species of life are linked in many ways. The world without wildlife and plants would be a boring , universe. By dealing with the acid rain pollution, we protect wild life, plants and us . It's a small world after all.

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