Saturday, November 5, 2011

Prevent Acid rain:

It's high times that we react, respond and do something to save our atmosphere from getting destroyed.Let's go by the saying that prevention is better than cure.I have mu own suggestions to say:

1)Make the less use of automobiles.Use cycles or non-polluted vehicles for nearby purposes keeping aside the matter of dignity and status.

2)Use electric cars which run on battery to prevent acid rain.Though electric cars are not a big hit try using them for minor uses and and new formula is to be invented for battery based vehicles.

3)Industries must reduce the sulfur content from the smoke they release. The smoke should be checked before they are released into the atmosphere.

4)Find new ways and methods to burn coal or else replace current and electricity for these means and get the maximum out of it.

5)Government should get into the picture, play an active role and check the pollution levels of factories, industries and automobiles and vehicles.

6)developing countries should learn from the developed countries and curb the destruction as drop and drop only make a big ocean.

If at least some the methods are implemented the effects of scid rain can be reduced in the coming future days.

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