Saturday, November 5, 2011

Acid Rain – Control If Before It Ruins New Parts Of The Earth

Acid rain was a very common phenomenon before many governments stepped in to put an end to it. It is a term given to precipitation which contains various acids, but mostly sulfuric acid, which get formed when gases emitted by industry and vehicles combine with water droplets in the air. Acid rain is the most common term for this precipitation although it can also take the form of snow or fog depending on the climactic conditions of the place where it occurs. Acid rain or snow has a devastating effect on the land where it falls. It can destroy vegetation as well as animal life. Trees are stripped bare of their leaves when this rain falls on them. It can also damage the soil for good, making it unfit for cultivation. The negative results of acid rain do not stop at this. The acids wash into rivers and lakes where they kill fish and other marine life mercilessly. Certain places at high altitudes have suffered greatly as a result of these acids especially when trees in these places are surrounded by acid fog for extended periods of time. Acid rain is mostly caused due to the presence of sulfur dioxide in industrial emissions that combine with water particles to form sulfuric acid. Nitrogen dioxide in emissions causes nitric acid to be formed in the same way. Governments have stepped in to regulate emissions from various factories. They have to make certain modifications to their chimneys whereby these gases are not allowed to escape into the atmosphere. This involves the use of new technology, especially in the form of a wet scrubber that converts these gases into other products. A lot of nitrogen oxide also escapes in the form of automobile emissions. Steps are being taken to control these emissions in order to reduce the pollution of the environment. While many developed nations have already put many environmental measures and laws in place, the spotlight has now shifted to developing nations. Pollution is on the increase in these countries and they do not all have access to technology or money to control emissions. Besides, these countries resent the attempts by developed nations to curtail their industrial growth after the developed nations have already created substantial wealth after destroying the environment. It is now up to each individual to do something to help save the planet from acid rain. The choices we make in terms of the products we use have a direct bearing on the health of our planet and out future on it. International treaties and discussions are in place to put an end to acid rain. It will require the cooperation of all countries in order to make this venture a success. After all, rain clouds know no boundaries and pollution in one country can lead to acid rain in another country. The problem of industrial pollution and acid rain has to be tackled on a war footing because if it allowed to continue the results could be devastating for the earth.

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