Thursday, September 2, 2010

Acid Rain & Caustic Residues

When pollutants and emissions drift into the atmosphere and combine with rain or snow they form acids. These diluted acids settle on a vehicle’s surface and when the water evaporates and dries on the surface the remaining mineral-laden polluted rain becomes more concentrated and causes damage to the surface creating slight depressions or craters on the clear coat and sometimes into the color coat. When you have water spots that just won't come off, these imperfections are commonly referred to as acid rain etching.

This category also includes mineral deposits, cement, salt, calcium, and lime deposits. We recommend immediate removal to increase the probability of a full surface restoration. If left untreated, acid rain will cause permanent surface damage.

Similar damage can also be caused by bird droppings and insect residue. If the residue is extremely acidic in composition, it will etch a crater into paint and plastic.

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