Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Effects Of Acid Rain In Our Every Day Life

The Process of Science: How Does Acid Rain Affect Trees

Acid rain is very harmful. It causes slower growth, injury and even the death of forests. It has caused damage all over the world even in the Great Smokey Mountains, where I live near. It does not directly kill trees, however what it does is weaken the trees and plants by limiting the nutrients available to them. It also can expose them to toxic chemicals that are released from the soil. Studies show that the combination of loss of soil nutrients and increase of toxic aluminum is the main way that acid rain harms trees.You have to realize also that when the runoff reaches our lakes, and rivers the chemicals are also present there. What is stressful to know is that the air high up in the mountains around me seem like they are nothing but fresh air, but sadly the fog surrounding them and other mountains are full of acidic clouds.

There are ways to reduce the effects of Acid rain. We may not be able to undo the damage already done, but we can prevent more from occurring. The EPA has started to limit the amount of NO and SO that is emitted into the atmosphere surrounding us. Cleaning exhaust pipes and also cleaning smoke stacks. Make sure your car has a catalytic converter to reduce the emission from vehicles. Use an alternative energy source. I Encourage this with my company that I run called Second Chance Fuel. There are ways to use less gas. and not run your car on gasoline that is created form oil that is from fossil fuel. Not only would the impact of the need for foreign oil be lessened but you are saving the trees that produce the oxygen we breath for future generations. There are many other sources of power out there if you are only willing to look. There is natural gas, batteries, fuel cells. Fuel cells is what I produce and many others have caught on the idea. Use solar power panels for your home, and yes you can build them yourself. The price should never be an excuse. For the damage right now you can reverse it by adding limestone. Limestone will replace the nutrients lost due to acid rain. Put it around all your plants and trees. Find ways to help support, fund or e or anything the placement of limestone around the trees you see all around you.

In conclusion Acid rain is a very serious problem one that can be fixed however. If everyone is willing to be more responsible and not be wasteful and living for the future. We have all had a part in causing this damage and we need to all have a part in fixing it. Acid rain is not the end of the world, it can be avoided, lets not let it become the end of our world.

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