Monday, July 19, 2010

How Does Acid Rain Affect Humans ?

Acid rain has different effects on human beings, and also there are several kinds of it. In some parts of the world, where people have colder climates, they have to deal with acid rain, acid snow and even acid fog. It is a lot more miserable than acid rain. There are other kinds like acid gas and acid dust. So whichever particle found in the atmosphere when exposed to the polluted environment, it becomes acidic in nature.In today’s world most of the streams and lakes are acidic to a certain extent.

Acid rain affects human beings, plants and animals with the same magnitude. It causes damage to the environment and health in multiple levels. When human skin comes in contact with this type of rain, it may develop infections or get other skin diseases due to unwanted chemical reactions. Also, when people breathe in the air after an acid rain, they may develop lungs related problems and also breathing difficulty.

Children are the most vulnerable to acid rain. They develop lung and breathing related problems more easily than adults. Also, children who have conditions like asthma or bronchitis are more susceptible to the harmful effects of acid rain. The harmful side effects of acid rain is not only seen when we are in direct contact with it, but also in indirect contact. For example, fruits and vegetables that come in contact with this type of rain can also harm our body in the same way as being directly exposed to acid rain.