Saturday, April 10, 2010

Acid Rain Phenomenon


Acid rain is a very dangerous weather phenomenon that can harm an area to a great extent. Usually raindrops carry some amount of acid in it. When the amount of acid goes beyond the normal range, then the rainfall is called acid rain. Acid rain is a result of extreme pollution in certain places on the earth. Acid rain can destroy many things of nature such as various living objects as well as non-living objects. However, acid rain sometimes remains unrecognized and the particular place suffers from this dangerous natural outburst for years.

  • The Reason behind Acid Rain:

Acid rain is a result of pollution that includes acidic gases emerged from the factories and vehicles of a place. The level of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide increases in the atmosphere, thus increasing the acidic level in the raindrops.

Acids rain makes the entire atmosphere poisoned in a certain place. It raises the acidic level of the soil. Thus the water bodies like lakes, ponds, streams, etc. are affected. The chemical balance of these water bodies gets disturbed and water becomes poisonous for living beings. Places like Europe, North America, Canada, etc. are mostly affected by the acid rain.

From the above discussion it is clear that the level of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide must be decreased in the atmosphere to stop the menacing effects of acid rain. For this people have to be careful while using their vehicles. Fossil fuels should not be used in cars. In factories also some pollution control equipments must be used to reduce the emission of poisonous gases.

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