Friday, January 15, 2010

Acid Rain Solutions

The numbers of potential solutions for acid rain that are accessible to us are aplenty. What matters more is to intentionally enforce these solutions to stop acid rain and to do soon a wide scale. People all over the world should be made aware of the causes and effects of acid rain, and they should be carefully educated about it. Solutions to stop acid rain can only be successful through mutual cooperation. Given below are a few acid rain solutions, which can seriously reduce the threat of acid rain, if strictly followed by a large number of people.

* One of the most fundamental acid rain solutions is to utilize fuels that burn more cleanly, or to burn coal more efficiently. This will greatly reduce the possibilities of acid rain developing in the atmosphere.

* As fas as industrial power plants are apprehensive the best solution is to attach devices known as 'scrubbers' in the chimneys of these plants. These scrubbers reduce the amount of sulfur produced in the smoke by 90 - 95%.

*Vehicles and cars must be mandatory necessary to comply with very tight and efficient emission standards. Fitting catalytic converters into the exhaust pipes of vehicles also reduces the amount of sulfur dioxide produced by the vehicles.

*We can make a lot of changes on a personal level as well, in order to combat acid rain. We should contain the use of our cars and vehicles and utilize other modes of transportation on a more normal basis. We should also remember to turn off all our lights and electrical devices in case we are not using them.

*For industrial power plants, there are many more acid rain solutions that must be compulsory as they are clearly the biggest contributors to the formation of acidified water droplets in the atmosphere. Industries must regularly inspect and clean all their emission equipment and chimneys and pipes.

*All these acid rain solutions will be pointless unless people are informed and educated about the ill-effects and harms of acid rain. A common and nationwide effort must be made to make people aware. Only after that is done will all the acid rain solutions actually make a difference.

Acid rain is one of the biggest ecological hazards that we are facing today, and strong measure must be taken to prevent it, before it is too late. Governments need to sit up and take notice, and do much more than what they are already doing. Acid rain adversely affects plants, animals and human beings, and as a result it is not something that we can afford to ignore. It is our duty towards ourselves and towards our fellow human beings to do all we can to prevent and reduce the existence and increase of acid rain in our environment.

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